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We all want to make that paper and dream of making money while doing something we love! Most may think “yeah right-in a perfect world”. According to 52.3% of Americans are unsatisfied with their jobs. Not surprising. We all have that one friend that’s handcuffed to their job for stability, but there are also quite a few people that create their own lane, and what seems to be the new wave; both–Because who doesn’t like a steady pay check?!

Introducing “Inside The Job” where we are giving you an inside look at professionals in various industries to get an up close and personal view of what their work day looks like and how they balance work and life! 

In college trying to decide what career path you should go for? Maybe you have already built a career but want a change. This series addresses one of the biggest decisions made in life; your career!

This week we feature Kiola George: Mother, Entrepreneur, and Project Director of ScreenVision. (Talk about super woman!)

Professional Occupation: Producer/Project Director of Screen Vision Media based in NYC

Age: 35, Female

Industry: Media

*Average Salary of Entry Level Media Professional: $45K

We have asked each participant of this series a couple of questions before they start their diary! Here they go!

What do you love most about your job?

Screenvision Media:

Being that Screenvision is a relatively small media company, I have the privilege of working on a lot of creative projects to broaden my experience. I have been with the company for 5 years and have learned a great deal and grown tremendously through the years. Considering that I took a title and pay cut to come here after being at ABC Networks for 6 years early in my career, I can honestly say that I made a great move. While nothing is perfect, I enjoy working for Screenvision and within the movie industry overall.


Heybor is my baby. I am passionate about bringing this app to life for the sole reason of building a community among neighbors. What I love most about it is that it is mine! I’ve always had grandiose dreams about having my own company and leaving my mark on the world. Heybor grants me than opportunity. I can absolutely see this being a game-changer in the sense that it gives people a voice and assists them in making better decisions when considering their next home.

What do you like least about your job?

Screenvision Media:

We stretch ourselves pretty thin around here. I am probably working on 25-30 projects at any given time. I cannot express the amount of multitasking that happens. I am actually typing this up, going through legal documents and trafficking content for our next show. My mind is constantly racing while I am in the office. I take great pride in my ability to do the most and not break a sweat.


The struggle! I knew it was going to be difficult to create an app, manage the financials, bootstrap, market the app, gain users, and become a black female tech entrepreneur. But it’s not as hard as I thought it would be. It’s 20x that! I am up for the challenge though. I’ve invested enough time and money into a solid idea. I’ve got my work cut out for me but I am optimistic.

**Let the diary begin!!! Enjoy**


7am: Rise & Shine! Start the day!

8am: Get my daughter  Zoe up (She’s 3) and get her ready for the day!

9am: Breakfast and convos with Z.

10am: Head to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum for fun with Zoe, my cousin and her son.

2:30pm: Fun in the sun @ the park while enjoying the gorgeous weather (it is the first 70 degree day we’ve had!)

5pm: Cooking, convos and dinner with my cousin as we plan our upcoming vacation. It’s also our only free moment of the day since the kids are napping.

8pm: Time to head home and pick up laundry on the way (thanks to my super helpful co-parent <3)

9pm: Bath time and bedtime!


6:30am: Rise & Shine!

7am: Zoe is sick! 🙁

8am: Make emergency call to Dr. for a last minute appointment.

9am: Hop into hour long uber to 72nd St + Central Park West. Spent the ride, responding to emails and firing off tasks (including a script to our voice over artist that should’ve really been done on Friday)

10-11am: Arrive at the doctor’s office. Strep throat it is! Unfortunately, Mommy’s gotta multitask, so we are heading into the office.

11:30am: Grab a quick meal for Zoe and myself, and arrive at Screenvision HQ. (Thankful that I have such a flexible work environment that allows this in emergency situations)

12-5:30pm: Juggle all my work tasks, including completing another script, scheduling new show content, and finalizing delivery of assets to our distributor while comforting Zoe who wanted to sit on my lap for the majority of the day.

5:30pm: Daddy to the rescue! Zoe is off to Brooklyn while I head over to meet a friend for dinner (Fun Fact: I almost never cancel plans I made. I find it rude so I don’t do it myself unless there is a huge emergency.)

9pm: Back home to prep for an early wake up.

10pm: Squats, shower, sleep. In that order!


5:30am: Rise… (Shine is not included this early)

8am: Crew Call on Reel Food set in Riverdale, BX.

9-3pm: Shoot two segments of Reel Food for Screenvision Media’s Front + Center show.

4-5pm: Lunch with my boss to plan the new direction of the SV Media show.

6pm: Meet with my best friend to catch up on her engagement and some good old fashioned girl talk.

11pm: Wind down and bed time.


6:30am: Rise & Shine

9am: Back in the office

9:30 – 5pm: Day-to-day Screenvision tasks (mostly administrative which means paying a lot of attention to details so agreements are secured)

6pm: Arrive at my favorite local restaurant to work on marketing strategy and complete administrative tasks for Heybor. I usually do this at home but since we are still having great weather, I opt for a change of pace.

9pm: Arrive home, workout, and head to bed.


6:30am: Rise & Shine!

6:45am: 20 min circuit workout

8:15am: Head into the Screenvison office.

9-5pm: Finalize all of the playlists and content for SV Media’s May show. Since we are working with a few content providers now for three different shows, I’m having multiple conversations with a few different companies daily. It’s a new responsibility but one that I am excited for.

5:45pm: Pick Zoe up from school.

7pm: Cook dinner for myself and Zoe plus pack lunch for Friday.

8pm: Eat and do homework.

9:30pm: Bath time & bed time. Goodnight!


6am: Wake up. Realize that there is no reason to be up this early since Zoe’s school is closed.

7:30am: Wake up again. Might as well pay my bills.

7:45 – 9am: Go through finances and budget for the next two weeks.

9am: Make breakfast & feed Zoe.

10am-12pm: Set Zoe up with her iPad and favorite shows then sit down to tackle my work tasks (still have to work from home FYI. I enjoy my 9-5 so I don’t mind the work. It’s the commute I can’t get with.)

12:15pm-1pm: Skype with my app developers. They bring me up to speed on what is left to be done on phase two dev and we set up call for next week. The app is really coming along. I am excited to see this new ideation of it. Now if only I could master my pitch…

1pm-3pm – Have baths, get dressed and have lunch all in an effort to go grocery shopping.

3:30pm: Zoe falls asleep.

5:30pm: Leave home with the intention of visiting my good friend and her new baby… locked myself out of my apartment. FInd off duty super who successfully breaks me back into my apartment.

6:15pm: Arrive at my friend’s home and thoroughly enjoys catching up with her and her husband after their transition to parents.

8:30pm: Back home for bath time~

9:30pm: Bedtime!

(Groceries never got done by the way…)


8am: Rise & Shine!

8:30 – 9:30am: Make & eat breakfast

9:45am: Start Zoe’s hair.

11am: Wash Zoe’s hair.

11:30am: Style Zoe’s hair.

12pm: Start my hair (Hair day is tiring)

1:30pm: Head to Easter Egg hunt with my cousins and Zoe.

2pm-4pm: Family fun with the kids.

9pm: After having dinner, head home with an exhausted toddler 🙂

10pm: Good night!


2am: Wakey Wakey! This can’t be right.

3am: Why am I still up?

4am: Yep still up. No sleep in sight. Zoe is snoring though. I’m super jealous.

5am: Sleep is that you?!? So happy you decided to join me!

8:30am: I’m exhausted. Zoe wants waffles. Is she old enough to make herself breakfast yet?

10:30am: Zoe and I are fed and ready for the day. She’s heading over to daddy’s house and I am heading to the gym.

11-2pm: Workout until my legs wobble.

3pm: Showered and ready to start my day but my legs have different plans.

4:30-5:30pm: Finally got those groceries done. SOOOOO many vegetables and 8 gallons of water. That will last me a week. I am staying focused on my health even though I REALLY want to order a burrito.

6-8pm: Complete season one of Queen Sugar. Such a great show. I am happy I was able to squeeze it in before season 2 starts.

8:30-10:30pm: In an effort to enjoy the 80 degree weather somewhat, I meet my girlfriend for dinner at a local restaurant.

11pm: Back in bed. Read a couple pages of “The Four Agreements” then lights out.

**Kiola’s life is so interesting we added an additional day to the diary 😉 You are welcome!

Ending message from Kiola: 

Over the course of the week, I am constantly multitasking and juggling various projects. As a mother, my daughter is my number one priority. Having an amicable co-parenting relationship with her father is the primary reason that I am able to take on as much as I do. My lifestyle isn’t for everyone. It is important to know yourself and have a good idea of what you want to accomplish in life. Knowing that I can pursue my passions and also have a happy and healthy little girl, means the world to me. I have been blessed in that regard.

I recently decided to focus on my health and my diet. It has been a welcomed challenge. I made a lot of excuses in the past to eat and do whatever I wanted but I haven’t been happy with the way I look for some time now. The best thing I did for myself was starting to drink a gallon of water a day and meal prepping. I invested in a health and fitness coach and it’s really been a inspiring journey. 3 weeks in I was so surprised at how quickly my body changed. I am intrigued to see where I end up a couple months or even a year from now. Oh! And my daughter is a picky eater but she has been eating brown rice and couscous… mind blowing!

We hope you enjoyed this diary as much as we did! Be sure to visit us for more!

Download the  Heybor app! It’s definitely a game changer! 


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